Jain altar, cire perdue casting. The figure in the centre is Parsvanatha seated in meditation on simhasana, the lions' throne. Parsvanatha is depicted under Dharanendra, his yaksha and the king of snakes. The seven-headed reptile protects his meditation. There are two figures seated on either side of the lion-like throne. The female figure corresponds to Padmavari, Dharanendra"s consort, the other Samvara. Parsvanatha is flanked by four Jinas, two upright and two in the lotus, or padmasana, position. At the top of the depiction, two gandharvas are flying either side of a thickset gana, the dwarf-like servant who holds the wheel of the law, the symbol of Jina teaching. The inscription on the back quotes: Sanwat 12--.

Parsvanatha is the second-last Tirthankara, preceding Mahavira, the last of the twenty-four, by about 250 years.