The portrait of Serfoji II, Rajah of Tanjore, (1798-1832) is set on an ivory lamina and engraved in bas-relief. Seated on a European-style seat, he holds his sword in his left hand. Sumptuously dressed, his clothes are completely embroidered, and jewels decorate his chest, arms, hands and turban. The handle of a knife studded with jewels can be glimpsed jutting out of the belt around his waist. On both forearms, the Rājah is wearing protective armlets, bazuband, which are also inlaid with precious stones. His "babouches" rest on a small footrest. Serfoji II is flanked by two columns bearing plant decorations at each end. Above him, there is a rich drapery and floreal decoration which intensify his regalness. The plaque is framed with teak wood with applications of ivory laminas engraved with motifs of plant shoots.