Ganesh is the god depicted as a pot-bellied human being with an elephant’s head. As Nrtta Ganapati, he dances on a lotus flower-shaped base, wearing a yajnopavita, the sacrificial garment symbolising the birth of the spirit. The dance is the prototype of the activity of the creation of the universe. Ganesh is the god of wisdom and eliminator of all obstacles. He guarantees success, both in earthly and spiritual life; he is the patron of the arts and sciences. His prominent belly guarantees prosperity to the faithful. His anthropomorphic body symbolises the unity and bond between the small being, the microcosm, the tangible reality of man and the great being, the elephantine head, the macrocosm, the strength of the universe and the greatness of the divine. The human part is the manifest principle, that which our senses allow us to grasp. It is inferior to the non manifest, inherent in the elephant part.