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Catalogo 2009-2010.
Currently being produced.


The catalogue will feature some works from the Ethnologica collection, and make an in-depth study of the importance of logos, "word”, in the art forms of Islamic culture. Koranic writing, as indeed the excerpts from the holy text, are of extraordinary importance for Muslim culture, which finds a strong, marked identity in its calligraphy, which groups together peoples of different ethnic groups in a single religious body. Calligraphy as a decorative element in all the artistic media.
"India: Eterno Presente. Seduzioni artistiche tra Persia e India”

Ethnologica's catalogue, "India: Eterno Presente. Seduzioni artistiche tra Persia e India”, was produced in collaboration with Professors Grossato and Pistoso. It presents a collection of rare Indian and Middle Eastern objects, bringing together extensive research and in-depth study in this area. Arab and Persian codices, stone sculptures from Indian pantheons, architectural structures, white Indo-Persian weapons and items from the Mughal court are part of the artistic essence of cultures on display in the gallery. 

Published in 2006

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