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Cronaca di un viaggio annunciato
di Carlo Alberto Sitta
Nuova Editrice Magenta

A good book!
‛Uyûn al-Akhbâr literally "source of news”

The essays collected together in this book ‛Uyûn al-Akhbâr (literally “sources of news”), span a range of different subjects – chronologies, geography, matter, people – in an attempt to embrace the variety and vastness of the Islamic world, and make its endless wealth and complexity emerge.

As Giulio Soravia writes in the introduction to the book, "Islam is not simple to understand and present. Its history is that of a civilisation which does not contrast so-called western world, but rather has been part of it – at least for the past fourteen centuries. Opponent or collaborator, Islamic civilisation has contributed to the growth of the tout court civil world, with a complexity of astonishing contributions: in art as in literature, in science and in medicine, in philosophical thought  and spiritual research…Not knowing anything of this civilisation, its history, its complex interrelationship with the European world, means not knowing anything about the contemporary world itself.

Daniele Cevenini, Master of Eastern History, received a research grant for Arabic Language and Literature from the Department of Linguistic and Oriental Studies at Bologna University.

Svevo D´Onofrio, Master of Indology research, received a research grant for Philosophies, Religions and History of India and Central Asia from the Department of Linguistic and Oriental Studies at Bologna University.
Medieval poetics between East and West
Curated by Paolo Bagni and Maurizio Pistoso

This book compares the traditions, knowledge and literary experiences of the Mediterranean of the Middle Ages. It goes beyond the exotic, picturesque taste of modern "Orientalism” and collects together the reports of an international conference held in Bologna in May 2000.

Carocci Editore, Biblioteca Medievale, Saggi / II - 2003
"The Invicible Krises 2”, Vanna Ghiringhelli, editor Saviolo

Vanna Ghiringhelli, one of the world's top kris experts, presents a new, accurately written volume illustrating the kris, i.e. the white weapons which spread all over the Indo-Malay archipelago reaching as far as the Philippines. The rare, exquisite examples brought together in this second volume, written in English, are well-photographed and feature detailed, explanatory captions. In the title, the number 2 appears to indicate a follow-up to the work the author and her partner wrote in 1991. On the contrary, however, this book is a "first”, and an essential addition to the library of any enthusiast, historian or collector.


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