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Jāmī' ar-rumūz, "The collection of meanings”
Ms Orazgozel Machaeva collaborated with Ethnologica on the scientific analysis of a rare Arab codex belonging to the gallery.

Ms Orazgozel Machaeva, cataloguer of Turkish and Arabic manuscripts for the "Marsigli Fund" at Bologna University Library, collaborated with Ethnologica on the scientific analysis of a rare Arab codex belonging to the gallery. Produced in Samarkand in 1217 Ḥ\1802-03, the subject dealt with is shar'īa, the Islamic law of the ḥanafita school of Shams al-Dīn Muḥammad al-Kūhistānī (died circa 950 Ḥ\1543-44). The manuscript, dedicated to the sovereign of Bukhara al-ghāzī  'Ubaydullāh Bahādūr Khān, is organised in chapters split into sections which provide a detailed description of the provisions of law concerning the many aspects of human life: ablution and prayer, marriage and divorce, war and peace, eclipses and the moon, illness and recovery, life and death, etc.. The colophon reads:  "It has been completed in the month … late morning in the city of Samarkand, in the year 1217 by the hijra of the Prophet, on Him the peace and blessing of Allā; by the hand of the weak and most needy of servants Nūr Muḥammad bin Gūcher Muḥammad … Zāde, that Iddio forgives his misdeeds, and those of his parents, his teachers and of all those who will see it (the book)”. The green binding is acknowledged as being as a typical manufacture carried out in Samarkand in the 18th-19th centuries testifying the codex was bound almost a century after it had been manufactured: "Carried out by binder Mullā Muḥammad al-Karīm, 1309 Ḥ\1891-92”.

Thermo-luminescent analysis

Ethnologica contacted Arcadia, laboratory of analysis and scientific technologies for cultural property, to carry out thermo-luminescent tests on an Indian terracotta in the collection. By removing a sample of material from the sculpture, a head, the quantity was assessed using the fine-grain technique, giving a result which conformed to the expectations. The head of the deity is to be attributed to the 16th century.

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